Papers Presentation Program

Conference Proceedings

Schedule of Presentation Time at the 17th ASIALICS – the 3rd SEAC-STIPM Conference 2021 (Virtual Conference).

  • Wednesday 3rd November 2021 (Bangkok/Jakarta Time: GMT+7) – STI Policy
Authors Title Presentation Time
1. Yi Yang, Meng Liang, Shouji Sun and Yunjin Zou Mapping science, technology and innovation policy developments in China in the age of COVID-19: A text mining of policy documents and scholarly progress 13.30-13.50
2. Kevin Christopher Go Enabling Innovation In The Philippine Rice Industry: The Roles And Key-Capabilities Of Innovation Intermediaries 13.51-14.10
3. Loitongbam Athouba Meetei and Chan-Yuan Wong Is it India falling into a Middle-income trap? 14.11-14.30
4. Peera Charoenporn and Supawat Choksawatpaisan Innovation and Productivity in the Service Sector: The Case of Thailand 14.31-14.50
5. Arafat Febriandirza, Indri Juwita Asmara, Ariani Indrawati, Al Hafiz Akbar Maulana Siagian, Abdurrakhman Prasetyadi, Muhammad Yudhi Rezaldi, Ambar Yoganingrum and Amin Tohari Model For The Initial Management Of Technology And The Development Of Services Policy: Case Study Of Electric Vehicles 14.51-15.10
6. Nara Benjabutr and Bank Ngamarunchot Varieties of Structural Changes: Perspectives from Input Factors 15.11-15.30
7. Meng-Chun Liu, Teresa Shuk-Ching Poon and Chia-Hsuan Wu Developing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: a Case of Unicorns in China and Its Innovation Policy Implications 15.31-15.50
8. Salwa Ahmad Rafee, Aspah Aini Ishak, Nor Ashikin Mohamed Yusof and Muhammad Rohaizad Razali Challenges And Barriers In Public Sector Innovations In Malaysia 15.51-16.10
9. Wonsub Eum and Sira Maliphol Green Production as a Path of Green Innovation 16.11-16.30
  • Thursday 4th November 2021 (Bangkok/Jakarta Time: GMT+7) – STI Policy and SDGs
Authors Title Presentation Time
1. Sunil Mani The State and Market in R&D and manufacturing in new health technologies Case of COVID-19 vaccine development and its diffusion in India and the USA 13.30-13.50
2. Paerwa Phadungruangkij, Watanachak Poomvises, Supawinee Songpornwanich, Narongrit Waree and Wannusorn Wongprasert Building Entrepreneurial Mindset In Deep-Tech Startups: The Potential Policy Support In Thailand 13.51-14.10
3. Neil Irwin Moreno The Impact of Global Value Chains on Firm Productivity: Evidence from the Philippine Manufacturing Sector 14.11-14.30
4. Loitongbam Athouba Meetei, Bibhuti Ranjan Bhattacharjya and Chan-Yuan Wong Beyond the Ivory Tower: Can Technical University play an important role in the Periphery region? 14.31-14.50
5. Ya-Chi Liu and Chan-Yuan Wong How do social enterprises scale the business? The insights from four cases in taiwan 14.51-15.10
6. Raymond C F Yiu, Urwah Khan, So Morikawa, Xuan Zeng and Tianhuai Wang Investigating the impact of governmental policies on sustainability transitions of the automobile sector in China and Japan 15.11-15.30
7. Aini Suzana Ariffin Public Servants’ Perception Towards Publishing Impactful Open Data to Support Open Science Initiatives: Malaysia Case 15.31-15.50
8. Sivalee Trakulvichean, Chanida Sansaard, Suphawadee Sodsee, Anittha Jutarosaga, Pattira Kuakim and Santi Charoenpornpattana National Profile Index Framework of Science, Research and Innovation in Thailand 15.51-16.10
9. Pattrayut Poonrit Redesigning a budget model for the capacity improvement of the university in Thailand 16.11-16.30
10. Daral Maesincee and Jompol Thongpaen Demand-Side Financing For Thai Higher Education: A Reform Towards Sustainable Development 16.31-16.50
  • Friday 5th November 2021 (Bangkok/Jakarta Time: GMT+7) Technology and R&D Management
Authors Title Presentation Time
1. Masayuki Kondo Automation and “Thailand+1” Strategy of Japanese Companies in Thailand by Thai Engineers 13.30-13.50
2. Masayuki Kondo Global Corporate Laboratory in a Developing Country - The Case of a Japanese Company in Thailand 13.51-14.10
3. Anittha Jutarosaga and Dhiranantha Rithmanee A Crisis-Driven Innovation for Medical Device Development Applied to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Thailand 14.11-14.30
4. Panisa Harnpathananun, Krit Pratumchart and Paerwa Phadungruangkij Technological Capability as an Indicative Tool for Strengthening Thailand's S-curve Industry: a Case of Broiler Meat Industry 14.31-14.50
5. Hidenori Shigeno, Taisuke Matsuzaki and Masatsugu Tsuji Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Innovation and Corporate Performances in Japanese SMEs: Two-step Panel Data Estimation 14.51-15.10
6. Huy Tran Quang and Giang Tu Thao Huong Competency Framework For Researchers In The Public Research Institutes In Vietnam 15.11-15.30
7. Fei Yuan, Kumiko Miyazaki and Santiago Ruiz-Navas An Empirical Analysis of AI Related Scientific Knowledge and Technologies to Support Elderly Independent Living 15.31-15.50
8. Sarah Cheah, Shigemi Yoneyama and Yuen-Ping Ho Open Innovation in industrialized Asian economies 15.51-16.10
9. Vinodh Arumugam, Boon-Kwee Ng and Kavintheran Thambiratnam Delphi Study on the Socio-Technical System of Malaysia’s Nanotechnology Development: Progress and Scenarios 16.11-16.30
Closing Ceremony 16.31-17.00