Key Dates

Call for Papers 15 March 2021
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts 30 June 2021
Announcement of Accepted Abstracts 31 July 2021
Deadline for Full Papers 15 October 2021
The 17th ASIALICS - The 3rd SEAC-STIPM Virtual Conference 3 - 5 November 2021

Theme for this year's conference is

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
for the Sustainable Development Goals
(STI Policy for SDGs)

Sub Themes

A number of sub-themes have been identified for the conference, including:

STI Policy

- National Sectoral and Regional Innovation Systems
- Conducive Innovation Ecosystem for Grand Challenges
- STI Policies for Sustainable Bio Economy, Circular Economy and Green Development
- Data Science for Evidence-based Decision Making in STI Policy
- Performance Indicators and STI Governance
- Building ecosystem for entrepreneur and innovation
- Harnessing STI Policies at district level to achieve SDGs

Innovative Activities for Creating SDGs

- Corporate and Industrial Innovation for Industry 4.0
- Start-up and Entrepreneurship toward Global Business
- Innovation and Commercialization for SMEs and Economic Recovery
- Smart Technology Challenges for SDGs
- Grass Root and Social Innovation for Inclusiveness for Poverty and Equality

Technology and R&D Management

- Intellectual properties to promote innovation
- Innovative Financing for R&D and Innovation
- Private, Public, People Partnership to Promote Innovation
- Technological Catching-up under International collaboration
- Managing Human Capital in the Era of Industry 4.0
- Putting Science and STI policy into Practice
- Searching for Inclusive Innovations
- Refocusing STI for Social Economic Objectives/Benefits

Regional & Global Response to Covid-19 Pandemic

- STI Policy for Crisis management
- R&D and Innovation Management
- Indigeneous Knowledge and Technology
- Economic Recovery and STI policies during and after Covid-19 pandemic